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Fabio Galliani

I play the ocarina since I was a child. Being born and raised in Budrio (Bologna), the country where the ocarina was invented in 1853, not random!
Since 1979 I am part of the GOB - Group Ocarinistico Budriese, that as was founded in 1865 is for sure the oldest Ocarina Septet in the world (and probably the most famous).

With this group I have taken part in hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad (Australia, Argentina, Chile, USA, South Korea, Japan and China) and all recordings (

I am also member with Emiliano Bernagozzi of "The soloists of the GOB" (cd "Magical Ocarina"; concerts in Japan, South Korea, Cina (Shanghai Concert Hall 2017), Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Germany).

Since 2003 I am director of the Budrio Museum of Ocarina and artistic director of the various editions of the Budrio Ocarina Festival.

I am president of the Korea based International Federation of Ocarina.

In recent years I  held concerts, master classes and lectures in Japan, South Korea and China.

Since 2015 I held masterclasses for music teachers in many towns of China (Shanghai, Xian, Bejing, Urumqi, Linyi, XuZhou, Wuhan, Tienshui, Guanzhou).

I am co-author of the methods “Easy Ocarina” and “My Ocarina Journey”, adopted in numerous Chinese schools.

My book "A Taste of European Folk Music" has been published in South Korea.

This book is now available also in this website! 

I also play ocarina, clarinet and flute in Cavranera (popular music) and in Ocarinamania Quartet (jazz and klezmer) (cd "Fabiolous Ocarina").

In 2008 I recorded as a solo the cd "Ocarinamania" (available on this website)

Together with harpist Marianne Gubri and percussionist Marco Muzzati I founded the Celtic Dream Trio, with the aim of exploring new repertoire for Celtic harp and ocarina.

As a singer and recorder player, I collaborate with various choirs, focusing in particular on the ancient music.

In addition to my artistic activity, I combine didactic activity with musical projects in schools.

I am founder and director of the Bella Bologna group, which aims to bring people of all ages closer to musical practice

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